How did God visit us as a human
- and prove it?

God caused a child to be miraculously conceived in a virgin woman by the power of His Holy Spirit. The woman was told by an angel to name the child "Jesus", which means "God our Savior." Jesus was literally "God in the flesh, the Son of God."

Eyewitnesses wrote that Jesus showed what God was like through demonstrations of great love, power, and wisdom. Vast crowds watched Jesus miraculously heal multitudes of people who were suffering from all kinds of diseases, mental illnesses, and physical maladies. Eyewitnesses said Jesus did so many miracles that it was not possible to record them all in writing. The only qualification for people to receive healing was to have faith that Jesus would love and heal them because He was the Son of God.

By the power of His spoken word, Jesus also delivered people from demons, brought dead people back to life, created food for thousands, walked on water, and was even able to command the weather!

The proof that finally left no doubt, however, was when Jesus rose from the dead, visited many people, and rose again into heaven.

Jesus gave many who believed and loved Him the authority to heal, cast out demons, and raise the dead as well - and He still does!

Individuals experience His love and healing power every day in all corners of the world - wherever they are willing to act on their belief by sincerely yielding their lives to His will, promises, and purpose for their lives.

Jesus did something that was even more important than all His powerful miracles of love combined...

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