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Top 200 Ice Sculptors
Ice Carvings from around the World

Visitors from around the world ask us to recommend
AICD graduates and other top ice sculptors closest to their location.

Based upon 30 years of personal experience and client testimonies,
we are pleased to refer the Top 200 Ice Sculpture companies.
These companies did not pay a fee to appear on this list.

For our most comprehensive list, also view the
at the Academy of Ice Carving and Design

Academy of Ice Carving and Design

Providing far more instruction than what mere demonstrations of complex carvings can provide, Paul Germain's totally immersive, one-to-one, hands-on training techniques and real life applications make even the most detailed features of AICD's fascinating instructional programs come to life. Paul's break through methods of training prove to be nothing short of contagious for highly motivated chefs, culinary instructors, and professional ice carvers who want it all - their Testimonials then say it all!

Ice Sculpture Companies are listed alphabetically.
Note: Many of the ice sculpture companies listed are capable
of providing services outside of their immediate area.

Wisdom worth repeating

Please let the following companies know that
you were referred by AICD, the
Academy of Ice Carving and Design

A note to ice carving companies listed below:

Please provide a link to AICD from your website.
This is a very good way to show appreciation for our efforts.

The link is:

Thank you, Paul Germain

Note: Many of the following ice carving companies

provide service outside of their listed home base,

including neighboring states.

Please let these fine companies know that you were referred by AICD.

To ensure the continued integrity of this list, please notify us of any concerns.

Alabama Birmingham - Ice By Design
Ice Dragon
Alaska Palmer - Arctic Ice Sculptures
Brice and Brice Ice Sculptures
Arizona Phoenix - Arizona Iceman
Phoenix - Ice Sculptures by Armitage
Arkansas Little Rock - Creative Image Ice
California Academy of Ice Carving and Design - AICD
Anaheim - Carving Ice
Anaheim - Crystal Creations
Anaheim - Ice Occasions West
Camarillo - Images In Ice
Concord - Chisel It Ice
Desert Hot Springs - Millenium Ice
Fresno - Ice Sculpture World
Long Beach - Long Beach Ice
Los Angeles - Ice King Creations
Los Angeles - LA Ice Art
Mark Daukas
Napa - Clear Memories
Newport Beach - Ice Bulb
North Hollywood - North Hollywood Ice
Palm Desert - Ice Magic
San Jose - San Jose Ice Co.
San Diego - Ice Carvings by James Lovejoy
San Diego - SoCal Ice Productions
San Francisco Ice
San Francisco - Ice Illusions
Sacramento - The Party Concierge
Ventura - Images in Ice
Walnut Creek - Icemark4ice
Whittier - Ice Carvings
Colorado Aspen - Aspen Vail Ice
Longmont - Coolhand Ice
Dillion - Andy's Ice Carvings
Loveland - Dazzling Ice Sculptures

Frozen Assets
Denver - Colorado Ice Sculptures
Denver - Aesthetic Ice
Loveland - Struckman Sculpture Ice
Creative Ice Sculptures
Connecticut Naugatuck - Ice Matters
Connecticut Ice Sculpture
Norwalk - Crystal Ice
Florida Orlando - Carving Ice
Pensacola - Gadolin Ice Carving
Ft. Lauderdale - Sculptured Ice Occasions
Sarasota/Tampa/Venice/Orlando - Ice Pro
Tampa - Tampa Ice Sculpture
Miami - So Cool Events
Miami - Miami Ice Man
Orlanda - Maku Ice Sculpting
West Palm Beach - Styled Ice
Georgia Atlanta - Crystal Image Ice Carving
Atlanta - Ice Sculptures Unlimited
Atlanta - Ice Carving by Van Dyke
Decatur - MidCity Ice
Monroe - K & Z Ice Carvings
Marietta - Ice Sculptures Inc.
Hawaii Kihei - Ice Sculptures by Darren Ho
Idaho Coeur D'Alene - Northern Ice Works
Star - Ice is Nice
Illinois Elk Grove - World Class Ice Sculpture
Willowbrook - Chicago Ice Works
Chicago - Chicago Ice Sculptures
Chicago - Nadeaus Ice Sculptures, Inc.

Chicago - Dreams in Ice
Chicago - Johnson Studios
Onofrio Ice Sculptures
Zion - Art Below Zero, Inc.
Indiana Yorktown - Indiana Ice Studio, Inc.
Indianapolis - Jose and Sons Ice Sculptors
Iowa Cedar Rapids - Chain Reactions Ice Carvings

Kansas City - Krystal Creations

Kentucky Lexington - Seasons Events
Louisville Ice Sculptures
Mattingly Ice Sculptures

Louisiana New Orleans - Ice Dragon Ice Sculptures
New Orleans - Jazzy Ice Sculptures
Lafayette - Ice Slicers
New Orleans - New Orleans Ice Sculptures

Lawrence - Brilliant Ice Sculpture


Baltimore - Ice Lab Ice Sculptures
Baltimore - Hot Ice Inc.
Culinary Artisan

Massachusetts Lawrence - Brilliant Ice Sculpture
Images in Ice
Gloucester - Cape Pond Ice
Mashpee - South Cape Ice Sculptures
South Easton - Eyes4Ice
Michigan Clear Cut Ice Sculptures
Detroit - J.R.'S Ice Sculptures
Grand Rapids - Ice Sculptures Ltd
Traverse City - Ice-Impressions
Lansing - Miller Ice Sculptures
Marshall - Icescapes Ice Sculptures
Redford - Michigan Ice Carvers

Blaine - Elegance In Ice
White Bear Lake - The Rusty Clipper
Shakopee - Metro Ice Sculptures

Mississippi Como - Culinary Creations and Ice
Gulfport - Creative Ice

Jackson - Carved Ice Sculpture
Nesbit - Premier Ice Sculptures
Missouri Kansas City - Krystal Creations
Grandview - Cool Carvings
Saint Louis - Ice Cuisine Sculptures
St. Louis - Ice Visions
Nevada Las Vegas - Ice Studio
Las Vegas - Ice Occasions
New Hampshire Dover - Ice Carvings by Wesley
Nashua - Images in Ice
Sanbornton - Ice Designs
Ice Breakers
New Jersey Clifton - Jimmy's Artistic Creations
Colts Neck - Ice Sculptures by Kevin O'Malley
New Mexico
New York

Apex - AMD Ice Sculptures
Auburn - The Ice Farm

New Windsor - Bywaterworks

Buffalo - Ice Sculptures by John Matwijkow
Jamaica - Coolway Ice Designs
Deer Park - Apple Ice and Sculptures
Deer Park - Fear No Ice
Ice Sculpture Designs
Ice Sculptures of NY
Long Island - Luge Doctor
Long Island - Ice Miracles
New York - Okamoto Studio
New Babylon - Ice Sculpture Pro
Syracuse - Holiday Ice
Yonkers - Chilly Willy & Cool Carl's Ice

North Carolina Apex - AMD Ice Sculptures
Asheville - Masterpiece Ice Sculptures
Charlotte - Ice Sensations
Huntersville - Ice Reflection's
Huntersville - Ice By PreMo
Mocksville - Fire and Ice
Mooresville - Artisan Ice Sculptures
Raleigh - Ice Carvings
Ice Occasions
Ice Art
North Dakota
Ohio Cleveland - Elegant Ice Creations
Cincinnati - Arctic Diamond
North Olmstead - Ice Designs
Napolean - Ice Creations
Columbus - Rock on Ice Productions
Columbus - Precise Ice
Oklahoma Oklahoma City - Ideas in Ice
Tulsa - Millenium Ice Company
Oregon Milwaukee - Professional Ice Carving
Pennsylvania Bensalem - Frank's Ice Service
Jeannette - DiMartino Ice Company
Lakeville - Ice Works
Pittsburgh - Ice Creations
Pittsburgh - Mastro Ice
Philadelphia - Ice Illusions
Philadelphia - Fear No Ice Philadelphia
New Providence - Crystal Cuts Ice Sculptures
Hatfield - Ice Concepts
Rhode Island Warwick - Art In Ice
South Carolina Charleston - Ice Age Ice Sculptures
Columbia - Westside Ice
Upstate area - Ice Magic
South Dakota
Tennessee Chattanoogo - Ice Creations by Chris
Memphis - Culinary Creations and Ice
Memphis - Ice Carvers Choice
Nashville - Specialty Ice Carvings
Memphis - Ice Men Inc.
Texas Austin - Amazing Ice Designs
Austin - Franko The Iceman
Dickinson - Alpine Ice Carvings

Dallas - Dallas Ice Sculptures
Houston - DLG Ice Factory
Houston - Ice Designs
Houston - Ice Occasions
Lubbock - Lubbock Ice Chef
San Marcos - Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures
San Antonio - Signature Ice Sculptures, Inc.
Midland - Ice Masters
Rio Grande Valley - Texas Ice Carving
Montgomery - Ice Works
Port Neches - Ice Dimensions
Utah Salt Lake City - Spiffy Ice
Salt Lake City - Iceworks
Virginia Colonial Heights - Sparky's Ice Sculptures
Virginia Beach - Ice Art, Inc.
Manassas - Ice Krystal
Washington Renton - Amazing Ice
Seattle - Creative Ice Carvings
Seattle - Tony's Ice Creations
Puyallup - Studio Ice, Inc.
Washington D.C. Hot Ice, Inc.
Manassas - Ice Krystal

West Virginia  
Wisconsin Art Below Zero, Inc.
Appleton - Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures
Ellsworth - Ice Occasions Midwest
La Crosse - Black River Ice Sculptures
Wauwatosa - Vanishing Art

Be sure to read what chefs and career ice carvers have shared
about their experience at AICD.

Ice Sculptors and ice carvings from Around the World


Down Under Ice Designs
Donohoe Ice
Melbourne - Ice Occasions
Sydney - Mammoth Ice

Sydney - Art of Ice Sculptures
Kenji's Ice Carving
Ice Occassions SA

Bali Bali Ice Carving

British Columbia - Ice Decor
Ontario - Ross Navarro
Ontario - Iceculture
Ontario - Ice Guys
Saskatchewan - Fire and Ice Creations
Toronto - IceFX
Quebec - Laurent Godon

Channel Islands  
China R Todd King
Denmark Copenhagen - Moffeice
Greece Ice Gallery
Finland Frostiart
France Crystal Dream
Hungary Ice Art
Ireland Diamond Ice
Italy Italian Ice Carving Association
Japan Ice Shop
Mexico Arte en Heilo
Netherlands Ice and Sand Events
New Zealand Auckland - Ice Creations
Poland Wroclaw - Ice Art
Russia St. Petersburg - Ice Studio
Scotland Aberdeen - Highland Ice
Spain Barcelona - Nice Projects
Madrid - Ice Bar Madrid
Sweden Brandstorp - La gott
The Swedish Ice Hotel
Peter's Is&Tartkonst
United Kingdom Buckinghamshire - Global Ice
Billingshurst - Ice Agency

Kent - Ice Creations
Liverpool - Glacial Art

London - Eskimo Ice

London - All About Ice
Martin King
The Ice Box
The Global Ice Company
Hamilton Ice Sculptures
Ice 2 Art
Ice Carver
Northumberland - UK Ice Sculptures
Venezuela Arte en Heilo
Esculturas en hielo

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