Santana 2023C
The following pages feature many of the modifications we made on our

1996 Santana 2023 C Sailboat

We hope they will be of assistance in making your sailing adventures as easy, safe, and comfortable as possible.

Happy sailing, Paul and Robin Germain

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Rushing Wind - Acts 2:2
Moored at Huntington Lake

boat side front .JPG
Santana 2023 C and newly painted trailer.
I used four quarts of Rust Lock to paint the trailer, axle, and wheels. Rust Lock has a polyurethane base and a high concentration of aluminum particles. I applied three coats with a brush. No other coats were required. Rust Lock gives the trailer a nice silver/aluminum look. After painting, I put on a new set of decals and a replacement vehicle identification sticker that I purchased directly from Zieman Trailers in Whittier, Ca. Their phone number is (562) 696-1186.

boat side view.JPG
Santana 2023 C with full length sail cover.
Adding a full length sunbrella cover on the mast makes it possible to keep both the furling jib and the main sail attached year round.

ballast toggle closed.JPG
Ballast toggle open.
I purchased a De Sta Co toggle clamp
to replace the "T" handle and rod on the Santana 2023C that opens the ballast tank drain.
I used Model# TC-624-SS.
The base plate is Model# TC-624108. I purchased them from Reid Supply.
Their phone is (231) 777-3951

ballast toggle open.JPG
Ballast toggle closed.
I drilled out the existing nut that holds the Santana 2023C "T" handle and rod. I used a hollow hole saw that matched the diameter of the threaded portion of the De Sta Co toggle clamp.

ballast toggle closed.JPG
Ballast toggle open with air release plug removed. The raised fiberglass housing you see might be unique to the Santana 2023 C. The toggle provides a precise and easy way to position the drain plug perfectly every time. This is one of the most convenient modifications we made.

New ballast tank rod with toggle

ballast plug.JPG
Ballast tank plug modification.
I trimmed a small aluminum funnel to function as a centering mechanism for the rod. To keep the funnel firmly in place, there is a stainless steel washer and nut inside of it.
Note: the large rubber washer is made out of reinforced rubber gasket material. Don't ask for washers. Ask for gasket material. I purchased a little square of it from Orchard Supply and cut it into the right size and shape. It is basically the same stuff used in conveyer belts.

Batteries, depth sounder, ballast toggle
These are located in the bow. The depth sounder is the black thing glued to the middle of the hull just forward of the batteries. I put the sounder in the bow section in order to help give me advance warning of shallow water objects. Its not much warning, but it's better than having the sounder at the stern.

bow mast crutch 2.JPG
Bow mast crutch.

bow mast crutch.JPG
Bow mast crutch.

bow mast crutch5.JPG
Bow mast crutch

bow mast crutch6.JPG
Bow mast crutch

bowsprit 2.JPG
Bowsprit and anchor roller.
I formed the anchor roller braces from typical galvanized braces used to hold bow rollers where the bow is connected to a trailer winch.

The bowsprit has been designed to attach an assymetrical spinnaker. I have not cut holes in the end of it because I don't have a spinnaker yet. Therefore, I do not know the maximum length I can go without stressing the bow pulpit connection from the pulling of a spinnaker.

bowsprit 3.JPG
bowsprit 4.JPGbowsprit

The bowsprit is made from 1/2 inch stainless steel bar. I really like the ease of using the safety locking ball pin. I welded on the parallel side guard to totally insure that the bowsprit could never be pulled off by a spinnaker in a sudden strong wind from the starboard side of the boat. This is probably nothing to be worried about because the holes and pin have been precisely matched. However, caution is better than caos in a gust.

bowsprit 5.JPG

bowsprit 6.JPG
Bowsprit and anchor roller

bowsprit reinforcement.JPG

Bowsprit quick release shroud lever.
I am adding this quick release shroud lever to help relieve stress on the lower pulpit connection which may result from attaching a spinnaker. The tightener will hook on to the Santana 2023C bow eye where the winch hook attaches.

bowsprit quick release 6.JPG bowsprit quick release3.JPG
Bowsprit quick release shroud lever
This attaches to the underside of the bowsprit. The other end will lead to the bow eye where the winch hook attaches for trailering.

Complete Bowsprit assembly

bowsprit reinforcement 2.JPG
This quick release pelican hook is attached to the bow eye on the hull.
The bowsprit quick release shroud lever attaches to this pelican hook by means of a short length of stainless steel cable.

Bowsprit Anchor Holder

The bowsprit is a perfect place to rest the anchor when not in use.

boat name.JPG
Boat name and logo
The boat name and logo for our Santana 2023 C was best fitted on the aft sides of the boat.

Inspiration for naming our boat "Rushing Wind - Acts 2:2"

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