Santana 2023C
More Modifications on our

1996 Santana 2023 C Sailboat
Paul and Robin Germain

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Hatch cover
I created this cover to protect the hatch from UV rays and also to make it darker inside when trying to sleep late into the morning. The cover is cut out from the 4 x 8 foot fiberglass wall panels that are used in commercial kitchens. They are always available at Home Depot.

Back of Hatch cover
I cut strips of heavy duty velcro and stuck them on the back of the cover. They attach to other pieces of velcro on the top of the hatch.

Hatch with velcro strips
Here, you can barely see where I placed the velcro strips.

Cockpit Locker Vents
I added two outside vents for each cockpit locker.

Cabin vents in cockpit bench storage
In addition to the solar powered vent on top of the cabin, I added these closeable vents under the cockpit bench. I also added rainproof vents on the outside of the bench to allow air to flow into the storage area. This arrangement allows air to flow into the after portion of the cabin without any possibility of rain entering. I cut and place metal screens behind the vents to protect from bugs.

Vent for gas tank locker

It is important to put a screen behind the vent to prevent wasps from entering. I also added the same type of vent on the side of the locker as well as on both side of the other locker.

The extra black cables in the corner connect to the engine and solar panel.

Spreader light
The lamp is made out of very light plastic. It is the lightest one available. The wire enters the mast.

centerboard cam.JPG
Adding the cam cleat makes it easy to pull up and secure the centerboard on our Santana 2023 C

Ventilation for storage under berth

Ventilation for storage under V- Berth.

Holographic tape to scare birds
away from boom

Bumper for dock
My dock slip is only 12 feet wide, so I installed these bumpers on each end of the slip .This kind of bumber is actually made for the corners of pontoon boats.

Santana 2023 C in berth

Square Umbrella/Canopy
This giant umbrella is made for boats.
It is available at West Marine.

Inspiration for naming our boat "Rushing Wind - Acts 2:2"

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Santana 2023 C Modifications
Santana 2023C