Jesus showed me He was real in ways I could personally experience...

He showed me He was real by:

• Revealing the meaning of what I read in the Old and, especially, New Testament books of the Bible

• Forgiving my sins and re-newing my soul so I could have fellowship with Him as a son with his creator

• Guiding and teaching me through the person of his Holy Spirit

• Answering my most challenging prayers

• Restoring me from the guilt and pain of my worst experiences

• Helping me to defeat the influences of fear, bitterness, and prejudice

• Delivering me from the despair of loneliness and depression

• Allowing me to experience His unfailing commitment, love, and friendship

• Giving me wisdom, confidence, peace, and joy through even the most difficult circumstances

But how did Jesus actually make
all of these blessings possible?

He opened my heart and
mind to understand the
greatest miracle a person
can ever experience...

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Note: Read all about what Jesus did for you (and can continue to do) in the New Testament books of the Holy Bible.

Sculpted and written by Paul Germain, Copyright 1995-2010 - All rights reserved

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