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But why do we need to be forgiven
in order to have fellowship with God?

We are obviously imperfect human beings who fall infinitely short of being equal to the loving creator of the universe - who is omnipotent, all-powerful, fully just, and all-knowing.

So, no matter how great or sinless we think we are, it is totally impossible for us to earn fellowship with God by our own efforts.

Thus, we need something, or someone, to
bridge the gap that exists between us and God.

As God in the flesh,
Jesus became the bridge!

All we need to do is open our hearts by asking Jesus to forgive us, and then allow Him to make us spiritually new in His image - a miraculous process known as being saved and "born again."

Heavenly Kingdom Ice carving

Choosing this spiritual re-birth of your soul is what will allow you to have a relationship with your Creator...

both now and in His eternal heavenly kingdom.

the billion dollar
question is...

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Sculpted and written by Paul Germain, Copyright 1995-2010 - All rights reserved

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