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He also wants to give your life purpose
as you get to know each other.
And, He wants to reward you for it eternally!

Holy Spirit engraved in ice

Here are some special ways to grow in the new life and spirit that He has given you.

Welcome His
Holy Spirit in your life.

Talk to Him. Listen to Him.

Receive His special prayer language.
Acts 10:44-47
Acts 19:1-6

Read His words to you in the Holy Bible.
You can read about many of the amazing things Jesus
made possible for you in the New Testament.

Click here to read any version of the Bible online - FREE!
All of the versions can be read through this amazing
website - no registration, emails, or fees required.

Ask Jesus to lead you to friends
who truly know and live for Him.

touched your heart and revealed God's grace to you in
a very special way. If so, I would enjoy hearing from you.

You can write to me directly:

Note: the above email address is for comments only.

To inquire about our ice sculpting services,
please refer to our Contact Page.

All correspondence is confidential,
and will not be shared with anyone.

May you experience all the blessings that God
has made possible through your new life in Him!

Sincerely, Paul Germain

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Gospel Ice

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