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... He longs for you to ask Him to
be the priority of your heart and life!

When you do, Jesus will miraculously begin to renew your spirit, mind, and soul to make it possible for you to have genuine fellowship with Him.

But, what if your sins have been so horrendous or evil that you just don't think it is possible to repent and be forgiven by God?

Again, don't despair - it is actually time for you to rejoice!

Because Jesus is able to truly love you, He defeated hellfire's claim on you by experiencing
the painful price for all of your sins!

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

How did He defeat Satan?

After being physically dead for
three days, Jesus burst back to life!

When Jesus suffered on the cross
and so powerfully rose from the dead,
He totally disrupted Satan's right to
control your life through depression,
sin, and the dark, cold prison bars of guilt.

However, because God created you with
the gift of FREE WILL,
it is completely your
to repent and receive God's saving
power and grace through what Jesus did, or not

When you do, you will
discover an amazing irony...

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Sculpted and written by Paul Germain, Copyright 1995-2010 - All rights reserved

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